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Puro Cosa

About Us

At Puro Cosa, we firmly believe in Purity of things. Purity being the inspiration for our brand name and reputation. Puro Cosa means “Pure Thing”. We intend to stand by our ethos. We strongly support Purity of materials, Fair trade and Purity with nature. We are a Homegrown, Vegan Accessory brand with our headquarters based in New Delhi. We have a team of in-house karigars, including females working actively. We aspire to provide you Handcrafted, Contemporary and Unique products. We specialize in Handcrafted Premium handbags, blending designs and craftsmanship.
“Want Not, Waste Not”
All our products are Made-To-Order since we do not want to contribute to the wastage in the world and neither contribute towards the toxic landfills plaguing planet Earth.
We are a Zero waste brand & are moving towards being 100% sustainable.


We at Puro Cosa believe, the earth is not inherited from our ancestors but borrowed from our children. Hence, we are a Zero Waste, Cruelty-Free, Eco-Friendly
brand that promotes Slow Fashion. We are proud of our roots and skills, thereby want to serve as a platform to encourage our Indian Weavers and Artisans at a Global level.


We provide you with accessories which are a combination of design and craftsmanship to give an elegant and timeless touch to your look.


The journey from a concept to execution is a long one, having multiple steps. We start with designing the concept and inspiration, then moving on to sketches and finalizing on the suitable designs, followed by hand embroidered or weaving with perfection. Every small detail is checked, tested and improved. The sample is only approved only when it is found to be adequate. Our artisans are highly skilled and with timeless knowledge of the process. It takes days for them to make the perfect bag. Their years of training and hands on experience makes our products more unique and premium.  


Our thirst for exploring new materials and crafts allows us to bring you the most unique and charming products. Puro Cosa has a team of extremely skilled artisans making them the foundation of our brand.


The story of Puro Cosa is deep connected to my heart. Since a long time I had a zeal to do something great and incredible keeping in mind
conscious fashion. I was sceptical about how to process my vision into reality but the fire kindled in my heart propelled me to research and luck favored me in making my dream come true. I hung on my corporate career and after deep research and fact finding I chose up manufacturing my vegan collection of bags. I wanted to make bags that were unique and set a bench mark in the world of fast fashion.

 Nishita Khanna 
Founder & Creative Director


You receive our products in a natural fibre-cotton dust bag. The packaging is Handmade and Recyclable . We also provide personalization with a written
message on a greeting card, all of this secured in a luxurious box.


Our materials are selected for their durability, aesthetics and strength. We use Vegan
Leather, Water Reed or Dry Grass and cotton suede.

What is Vegan Leather?

Vegan Leather is a substitute to Animal leather. It comes in all prints and colours. There are a lot of qualities available for them. The higher the quality the
longer it will last.  We at Puro Cosa use the finest quality of Vegan Leather for our products. we do not take any stake on the quality of our products.

For years the humans have been slaughtering animals for their own Greedy needs. Killing innocent animals for their skin for jackets, shoes, clothes, bags etc.. There is a need for us to STOP this menace and someone has to take the plunge to stop it. We are a strictly Cruelty-Free brand wherein none of our processes involves any harms to the Animals.

 What is Water Reed or Dry Grass ?

Water reed or dry grass also known as “Kauna” is a perennial grass like plant that grows around the world in shallow water. This plant is resistant to insects and micro-organisms. These plants are cut and then dried in the sun for a few days, post that the reed is weaved by females and it takes them 2 or 3 days to hand weave the perfect basket or bag. The irregularities in the process of weaving adds to the beauty of the product.

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