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Puro Cosa

What We Do

Introducing Puro Cosa, where the heart of manufacturing beats in India, while our designs take cues from Modern & Versatile fashion across the Globe.

At Puro Cosa, we firmly believe in Purity of things. The word "Pure Thing" is Puro Cosa. Our goal is to uphold our ethos. We fervently believe in fair trade, material purity, and environmental purity. We hope to provide you handcrafted, modern, and distinctive designs.

Our handcrafted premium handbags merge designs and craftsmanship, and this is our area of expertise.

Saying "Want Not, Waste Not"

Since we don't want to add to the waste in the world or the hazardous landfills that plague the planet Earth, all of our products are made-to-order. We are a Zero waste brand that is working to become completely sustainable.

The Vision & Mission

Puro Cosa holds the view that the world is a gift from our children, not something we receive from our ancestors. As a result, we are a Zero Waste, Cruelty-Free, Eco-Friendly, and Slow Fashion brand.

We wish to provide a forum to support our Indian weavers and artisans on a global scale since we are proud of our heritage and abilities.


Puro Cosa is distinguished by its unrelenting dedication to craftsmanship. In order to make handbags that are more than just accessories but also enduring works of art, we source the finest materials, from premium vegan leathers to exquisite hardware.

The Course

There are several steps involved in the lengthy process that leads from a concept to execution. We begin with creating the concept and inspiration, then move on to sketches and decide on the best patterns before hand embroidery or expert weaving.

Each little aspect is examined, tested, and improved. When the sample is deemed sufficient, it is only approved. Our artisans are highly competent and possess enduring process expertise. They need days to create the ideal bag. Our products are more distinctive and high-end thanks to their years of training and practical experience.

Passion for Innovation

We are able to provide you the most distinctive and endearing products thanks to our insatiable curiosity about new materials and skills. The core of our company is a group of incredibly talented artisans that make up Puro Cosa.

About the Founder

I have a strong emotional connection to the Puro Cosa narrative. I've had a burning desire to accomplish something amazing while also acting in an ethical manner for a very long time.

I had doubts about how to turn my vision into reality, but a fire in my heart drove me to do research, and good fortune favoured me in realising my ambition. I clung to my corporate job, but after extensive research and fact-finding, I decided to start manufacturing my line of vegan designer bags. I wanted to create bags that were one of a kind and would become standards in the fast fashion industry.

Nishita Khanna 
Founder & Creative Director


You receive our products in a cotton dust bag made of natural fibres. Recyclable packaging is used. Additionally, we provide personalisation in the form of a written note on a greeting card, all of which is packaged securely in a premium corrugated box


Our materials are selected for their durability, aesthetics and strength. Our bags are made using Reclaimed wood, Vegan Leather, Water Reed or Dry Grass, Cotton suede fabric, GOTS certified Canvas & Organic cotton fabric.

  • What is Vegan Leather?

Animal leather can be replaced with vegan leather. It is available in all colours and designs. They can choose from a wide range of
quality. The longer it lasts, the higher the quality.

For our products, Puro Cosa only uses Vegan Leather of the highest calibre.  We place no bets on the calibre of our goods.
Animals have been killed by humans for many years in order to satisfy their own greedy demands. killing defenceless animals to use their skin for clothing, bags, shoes, and other items. It is imperative that we STOP this threat, and someone must act decisively to do so.

We are a brand that rigorously prohibits animal harm, and none of our processes do so.

  •  What is Water Reed or Dry Grass ?

A perennial grass-like plant known as "Kauna" or "water reed" thrives in shallow water all over the world. It is also referred to as dry grass. Insects and microbes have little effect on this plant. After being cut and dried in the sun for a few days, the female weavers manually weave the perfect basket or bag over the course of two to three days. The weaving technique imperfections enhance the finished item's charm.

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