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Why Vegan Fashion is Important ?

In the constantly evolving fashion world, there is an influx of new trends every season. Some vanish shortly while some stay for a long time. With the rising popularity of veganism globally, especially after the pandemic, a new side of fashion i.e. vegan fashion is becoming more and more relevant.

It’s no secret that corona virus emerged from an animal source. The knowledge that a long list of zoonotic diseases like Covid 19, swine flu, avian flu all originate from the way animals are raised, harvested and consumed have led many people to make conscious decisions about their lifestyle choices and make a switch to veganism. We are seeing the harmful environmental impacts of the fast fashion industry in the form of climate crisis, rising temperatures and large scale pollution around us.

Veganism is a lifestyle choice that revolves around the philosophy of causing zero harm to animals and adopting environmentally friendly and sustainable practices in all aspects of life. It is not just restricted to plant based eating. Other than food, the beauty and fashion industry contribute largely to animal suffering.

Vegan fashion means producing and using clothes and accessories that avoid animal exploitation. Vegan products are cruelty-free and do not contain any material derived from animals such as fur, leather, feathers, wool and fur nor are they tested on animals during the production process.

To cater to the demands of the growing vegan population all over the world, many fashion brands are rightly changing directions and offering vegan fabric alternatives in their products. From high end luxury brands to high street brands all have diversified their product lines to introduce vegan options. Brands now want to adopt the best industry practice that reduces their carbon footprints. This trend of vegan fashion has transformed the entire fashion industry and it is here to stay.

There are wide ranges of reasons for opting vegan fashion:

  • Promoting animal welfare and protecting animal rights - Fashion comes at a cost of valuable animal lives. Animals are confined to small spaces, improper living conditions, used for testing, tortured and killed in slaughterhouses for fur and leather. Animals are living beings with their own conscious. We probably would not support this cruelty with our money if we saw it happening with our eyes.
  • Environmental impact – Did you know that it takes approximately 7500 litres of water to make one pair of jeans?.The clothing industry accounts for 20% of the world’s water waste. 8% of the world’s greenhouse gases come from textile industries. Raising animals causes greenhouse gas emission which is responsible for global warming, soil degradation, deforestation and water pollution due to the release of toxic chemicals from the manufacturing process in the nearby water bodies.
  • Availability of good looking, durable vegan alternatives- There are stylish vegan substitutes available for most animal materials without compromising on the look, feel, cost, durability and overall product aesthetic. There are options such as plant based leather, Pinatex (pineapple leather) , organic cotton and linen, soy silk, fabrics made from recycled plastic and wood, bamboo, hemp, synthetic materials that are cruelty-free and environmentally-sustainable. Hardly few can tell the difference between real leather/fur and faux fur/leather.


Global organizations like PETA have reported large scale animal abuse for the sake of fashion. The leather industry especially is filled with labor abuse, lack of regulations, tanneries employing child labor and endangering the community and workers with toxic chemicals. Due to public campaigns and demand from consumers for transparency and accountability, the fashion world has now adopted a more compassionate approach.


We at Puro Cosa offer modern, minimal vegan leather bags that are handcrafted and ethically produced. A bag is the perfect accessory for a woman to elevate her look and what better choice than a chic, classic leather bag. But we need to ask the most important question- From where the material is being sourced to create our statement leather bag?

Making a fashion statement need not come at the cost of animal cruelty and harmful environmental impact. Before we make a purchase decision let’s ask ourselves if there is a better vegan alternative available.

The modern woman today is fashionable and at the same time environmentally conscious who wants to support animal welfare. Vegan bags offer the perfect solution. Our bags offer the texture, structure, color and shine same as real leather without any guilt associated with it.


Here’s a look at some of our bestselling options:


  • Jade Bag


Composed of vegan leather, cotton suede and reclaimed wood the Jade Bag is enticing with it’s simple structure, intricate detailing and embellishments. Featuring Zig Zag Embroidery with cut-dana & beads, it comes with a rich Suede lining along with a detachable chain. This designer luxury bag is perfect for accessorising your indo-western outfits.


  • Ruby Bag


Composed of vegan leather, cotton suede and reclaimed wood the Ruby Bag is an exquisite modern bag. Fashioned with pastel shade cut-dana embellishment against a rich maroon base, this bag is a combination of elegance & quirkiness. It has a detachable chain so that it can be carried as per one's convenience. This stylish vegan bag has the charm and character of a cocktail party host. Add this luxury bag to upgrade your wardrobe for all your social gatherings


  • Girly Gothe Dry Grass Bag

Girly gothe is a statement bag for all black lovers. It’s made out of vegan leather, cotton suede and water reed. A perfect combination of intricate craftsmanship and a unique shape, this stylish bag will have all eyes on you. It's bold yet delicate, dressy yet simple. It has the capacity to elevate your look in seconds with its attractive design.

  • Rose Quartz Bag


This Rose Quartz Circular Bag is your go-to fashion & style statement. Composed of Vegan leather, cotton suede and reclaimed wood, the abstract embellishments on it will add serious oomph to your look. Its swift buckle unlocks easily & the detachable sling chain provides versatility. It’s ideal for accompanying to your parties, social gatherings and will captivate everyone with its trendy appeal.


We are at that turning point now where consumers are starting to think about changing their purchasing decisions consciously but we haven’t reached that stage yet. We are talking about a better world, we all want a better world but when it comes to shopping, we all want affordable and fast fashion. The planet needs us to act now. We need to end the blind consumerism and look at vegan, sustainable and eco-friendly options.

We should explore the idea of investing in one time quality pieces that last a long time from brands adopting ethical practices and sustainable material sources rather than mindlessly indulging in fast fashion purchases.

Let’s support the environment, fashionably one accessory at a time!


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